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Your cooking has changed the way we eat. I never thought I'd learn to love vegetables, but I'm transformed!

— Nora, a well-fed client

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DinnerStyle personal chef service makes your life easier and more delicious. Pricing includes:

DinnerStyle specializes in premium, fresh meal service prepared with the finest ingredients available.

All entrées are complete meals including 2 side dishes.

The plans (not including the cost of groceries) are:

* 3 x 4 package – 3 entrées of 4 portions each = $300
Total of 12 meals
* 4 x 4 package – 4 entrées of 4 portions each = $325
Total of 16 meals

* 5 x 4 package – 5 entrées of 4 portions each = $350

Total of 20 meals

Orlistat to buy, Buy xenical orlistat 120mg

Groceries: Grocery costs are additional to the basic personal chef service and will vary depending on your menu. However, Karen will be happy to pick up any additional grocery items you might need, such as milk or bread for reimbursement only.

Kid-Friendly Cuisine: Choose healthy meals created especially for small children. Each selection will serve 4 kid-sized portions. Add on to any plan for an additional $20.

Additional Servings: Add up to a total of 8 servings of an entrée to any plan for an additional $17 per serving.

Containers: If you choose to use disposable plastic containers for each cooking day Karen will supply the appropriate sized containers for your meals, with an additional charge per cooking day.

If you prefer reusable containers, there is a one-time fee, usually in the range of $75 to $150 depending on your needs, for the purchase of Pyrex® containers. They are yours to keep and less expensive in the long run. Keep them specifically for your DinnerStyle service.

Desserts: Karen loves to round out a delicious dinner with a homemade dessert; choose from an assortment of tempting sweets. Each dessert will be priced individually.

Cancellation policy: Requests to cancel or reschedule must be made 7 days in advance of a scheduled cook day, otherwise there will be a $150 service charge. Last minute cancellations due to weather, illness or other unforeseen circumstances will not apply.